For many years The Alexander Technique has flourished in The Cotswolds, with teachers to be found at the Universities, schools and colleges, health clinics and centres for sport and the performing arts. 


Originally from Cornwall, I have taught in Devon, Dorset, Sussex and now Gloucestershire. Based in The Practice Rooms, Cambray Place, I bring over thirty years experience to this historic spa town for anyone who wants to learn a wonderfully useful set of skills.

Alexander Technique in Cheltenham

Above: Cambray Place, the entrance to The Practice Rooms and one of the rooms within



Accessed from the street via a short flight of stairs, The Practice Rooms are a comfortable, well-appointed set of rooms. There is convenient parking at any of the Town Centre carparks, Town Centre East being perhaps the closest, and there are plenty of cafes and other amenities nearby.


Alexander Technique for Musicians in Cheltenham


For well over a century the Alexander Technique has been used by all kinds of musicians. I used to work with the music scholars at several independent schools and over the years have encountered many different instrumentalists with an array of postural challenges. Personally I found the technique very beneficial in training and performing as a singer.

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'Forty years ago, after one of my concerts, Adrian Boult told me that if I continued to conduct like that I'd become a cripple, and that I must take lessons in the Alexander Technique. Today I am still having lessons - as with music, there is no end to the learning process.  It affects not only the use of the body, but also one's views of oneself and one's behavior. For the aches and ills that come with the years, the Technique can work miracles.'


Sir Colin Davis

Managing Director, Royal Academy of Music



The Alexander Technique has been used by many an athlete to improve their speed, their aim, their game and their stamina. The improvements are not guaranteed, however, if someone is inadvertently tense and habitually using their muscles inefficiently, that will affect them in action.


Learning to optimise your underlying use will remove barriers to success.


I have helped climbers improve their grade, golfers decrease their handicap and all sorts of athletes feel more energised and comfortable. Personally I have enjoyed applying the technique to various activities, in particular perfecting the front crawl.

Alexander Technique in Cheltenham for Athletes

'I can definitely say without hesitation that I wouldn't have had the rowing success that I have had the luxury of experiencing in my short time on the water, without finding the AT and the great teachers that I have had the privilege to work with.'

Valerie Thompson Williams

Rowing Masters gold medallist. 

Sebastian Coe, Olympic Gold Medallist


Alexander Technique teachers, myself included, are not usually medically trained and I will always refer my pupils to a doctor or an osteopath when appropriate. However, if someone has unidentified muscular contraction in a problem area, it’s worth aiming to reduce that contraction because it may be contributing towards, or even causing the problem itself, as is often the case. 


I have taught clients with a huge selection of musculoskeletal problems, from migraines to RSI to sciatica.


People claim that Alexander Technique lessons can cure certain conditions and evidence to support this has come from various clinical trials, such as the following:

Alexander lessons have been proven to cure lower back pain...Click here for details


and neck pain...Click here for details

Alexander Technique for Musculoskeletal problems in Cheltenham

'We already notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and in such a refined skill as playing a musical instrument.'


Nikolaas Tinbergen (1907-1988)

Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine 1974


 (from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, half of which was devoted to talking about the AT and changes that he and his family experienced from lessons)

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Alexander Technique lessons are particularly useful for each stage of becoming a parent: the pressure and weight of pregnancy, the challenges of childbirth and all the lifting that comes with a small child. I have experience of working with pregnant mothers, and parents of young children and am also a mother myself. 


I can recommend this book for more information on this subject.

Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth in Cheltenham



Being a student can often be exhausting with the demands of studying and sitting exams at a high level. Additionally, socialising and maybe the pressure of finding financial support can further raise young people's levels of stress.


Alexander Technique lessons can help increase energy levels and facilitate almost any pursuit. I greatly benefited from lessons when I was a student myself.

Alexander Technique for Students in Cheltenham


Alexander Technique in Cheltenham for Actors


All the best educational institutions for the performing arts have Alexander Technique on the curriculum, hence the great number of famous film stars who report that the technique has helped them in their career. 


I once witnessed a well known actor with AT training demonstrate the difference between projecting his voice as Richard III with and without free muscles - the effect was clearly noticeable. Also, he pointed out that even when playing a physically and emotionally twisted character day after day, he was able to portray this without exhausting himself.


Personally I find it great fun working with actors.

'Good acting is revealing yourself, not covering yourself up. If your body is free, your mind is free.  [The Alexander Technique allows] you to feel what it's like to stay open physically, and also stay fully involved in whatever you're supposed to be doing.'


Annette Bening


"[The Alexander Technique] is a way to transform stress to joy.  It's my

way of keeping on track with work and truth and the world I’m in which is working with people and creating. It’s for anyone who wants to be in contact with their own body and the way we tense ourselves and relax ourselves. It’s another way of moving." 

Juliette Binoche


 For a 5% discount on your first lesson, contact me and I will aim to reply within 2 days

Alexander Technique for Horse Riders in Cheltenham


The Alexander Technique and can be of great benefit to both the rider and the horse and therefore is widely used in this sport. Riders tend to do very well in lessons as riding a horse requires a level of understanding of muscular efficiency which they can easily relate to their own use.


I have a saddle stand which I can provide at TPR on request. This is not only useful for riders but for anybody learning about supporting their weight through the seat with the legs hanging freely.


I have plenty of experience of teaching riders and ride a little myself, as a beginner.


I can recommend this article and this book on riding with The Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique for Businesses in Cheltenham


It's a fact that companies lose a lot of money and time due to employees suffering from musculoskeletal problems. These issues can range from simple discomfort and fatigue to RSI and neck pain. 


Alexander lessons can help reduce absenteeism and improve work-related performance, while workshops and presentations can provide opportunities for health and safety requirements, team-building, or entertainment.


I give free lunch-and-learn talks to companies in Cheltenham, I hold workshops for groups and I go to business premises to give one-to-one lessons or rolling group classes.


Please go here for a list of companies who have used the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique in Cheltenham for Children 


I have taught at Sherborne School, Sherborne School for Girls and Exeter School. I worked extensively with music scholars, helped children with their body image, self-esteem, exam nerves, posture and well-being. Some pupils used lessons to help with medical problems such as sports injuries, dyspraxia, scoliosis, slipped disk and scoliosis.


Parents and guardians are very welcome to accompany their children during lessons, make themselves comfortable and use the Wifi. 


I am DBS checked 

In Summary


I offer workshops and presentations on The Alexander Technique at Cheltenham business premises, venues hired by interest groups or at The Practice Rooms in the town centre. You can find quite a lot of additional information about the technique on my website or on the STAT website (Society for teachers of the Alexander Technique). 

For a complete guide I can recommend this book by one of my former teachers, Carolyn Nicholls 

or 'Body Learning' by Michael Gelb

I do have a great deal of experience teaching the Alexander Technique and it is a fascinating and challenging career. With a new pupil, at first, I’m confronted with another standard human neuromuscular system and a common pattern of misuse but the process of understanding that person and unravelling their problems always varies. Each of us is truly unique.


My work is vocational and I really love it!

For a 5% discount on your first lesson, contact me and I will aim to reply within 2 days

BA (Hons) 
DBS checked

Basic First Aid Training

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