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Don't cross your legs!

Ok, so a lot of us do this I guess. Myself included. And it is a terrible habit, really!

Have you ever considered how much one of your legs weighs? It’s heavy. Why would you want to compress your other leg under this sort of weight? Think about your circulation - especially if you have varicose veins…

Think about the distortion you create though your entire musculoskeletal system. Everything becomes twisted and strained. There’s no possible way it can do you any good.

I know we simply WANT to sit like this for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps we want to appear sophisticated or relaxed. Perhaps we feel bored or fidgety. Perhaps we believe we are more comfortable like this because it’s what we’re used to doing.

I’ve just been sitting like this myself, making up all sorts of excuses in my mind - including the best one of all, which is that I am an Alexander Technique teacher and therefore know how to cross my legs WELL. This is nonsense. The real reason is my back is tired from sitting at the computer for too long.

So, let’s all just stop making excuses!

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