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The right car

I had driven my old one for about 12 years. Children, cats, dogs and guinea pigs had been sick in it, gone to the toilet, dropped mud, hay, food and drink everywhere. My son had climbed on it, damaging the sunroof which therefore leaked. It was held together with bits of tape and it was also, at the end, very, very unwell.

Smelly, damp, bashed and scuffed, it had something very wrong with it's engine, which meant I risked conking out in the middle of Dartmoor, or on the M5. Driving was a worry. Also, how embarrassing, what if potential clients took one look at it and thought, 'Wow, I don't want her laying a finger on me if that's the way she treats her car'?

So, now I have a new-second-hand-one which is much nicer. And it's very comfortable - the seat fits me so I can drive with a relaxed, well-supported back - perfect for an Alexander Technique teacher in fact:)

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