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Achievable Goals

'Comparison is the thief of joy' - not sure who said that but I made a mental note of it. I do try to set myself achievable goals and reeeeeeeeally enjoy the process.

I had a client this week who felt mislead and disgruntled because, in her mid 70s, she'd hoped to straighten out her very hunched back. She responded well to the work and had the option of finding increased comfort, coordination and poise within herself but she wanted a nice posture.

I wish I had the complexion I had when I was 20; I wish I could compete in the Winter Olympics - I'm sure I could make myself quite miserable if I fixated on those goals.

With the couple of years we've just had it's more important than ever to find pleasure in small achievements. I'm no expert in mindfulness but I do find the Alexander Technique is useful for that sort of thing.


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