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The Alexander Technique has been well established in the Torbay area for decades, with many teachers and several teacher-training colleges. I have over twenty-five years teaching experience and bring to Torbay my own interpretation of the technique for anyone who wants to learn this amazing set of skills.

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Photos: Torbay and me 

My Torbay teaching room is comfortable, spacious and bright, with views over the garden and beyond. It is easily accessible with parking, wifi, a dog and a cat - the perks of working from home!



The Alexander Technique in Torbay for Musicians 

Musicians of every description have used the Alexander Technique for well over a century, including:

James Galway, Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, Dame Julie Andrews and Madonna 

There's no better way to support your musical training and get the very best from yourself!


I've taught lots of different instrumentalists with assorted postural challenges, including music scholars at Sherborne School, Exeter School and Sherborne School for Girls. 


Many years ago I used the technique myself in training and performing as a singer.

'The Alexander Technique ”work” with (my teacher) is much more about play and freedom than anything associated with effort. Her vast knowledge and intuitive way of reading her clients is extraordinary and profoundly effective. The changes she helps to facilitate are real, and dare I say life-changing. Her lessons are an absolute joy!'




                   Joyce DiDonato - American lyric-coloratura mezzo-soprano

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AT lessons can help you improve your game, your aim, your speed and your stamina. Learning to optimise your underlying use will remove barriers to success.


I love working with sportspeople, from horse riders to golfers; swimmers to runners. I help climbers improve their grade, rugby players run faster and golfers keep their eye on the ball.

I've used the technique myself in various sports such as swimming, running and dancing.

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The Alexander Technique in Torbay for Sportspeople

'I can definitely say without hesitation that I wouldn't have had the rowing success that I have had the luxury of experiencing in my short time on the water, without finding the AT and the great teachers that I have had the privilege to work with.'

Valerie Thompson Williams - Rowing Masters gold medallist

Sebastian Coe, Olympic gold medalist



I think of myself as a teacher rather than a therapist and as such will refer my pupils to a doctor or an osteopath if needs be. Having said that, I've worked with a huge selection of musculoskeletal problems, from RSI to migraine. People very often have unidentified muscular tension either causing or contributing to their issues and that's where AT can help.


Evidence from a number of clinical trials has shown the AT can cure:

lower back pain Click here for details and neck pain Click here for details

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'We already notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and in such a refined skill as playing a musical instrument.'


Nikolaas Tinbergen (1907-1988), Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine 1974 (from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, half of which was devoted to talking about the AT and changes that he and his family experienced from lessons)




For the weight and pressure of pregnancy, the challenges of childbirth

and all the lifting that comes later, lessons in the AT can be very useful.

I work with pregnant women and parents, and am a mother myself.


For more information on the AT for pregnancy and childbirth try 

this book

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Students and schoolchildren are experiencing higher stress levels than ever before. Lessons in the Alexander Technique can genuinely increase energy

levels and support almost any pursuit.

I began having AT lessons at school and continued through to university,

finding it hugely beneficial.



Torbay - Alexander Technique for Actors 



The world's best colleges for the performing arts have Alexander Technique on the curriculum and many world-famous actors have had lessons, including: 

Jesse Eisenberg, Kenneth Branagh and Sir Ian McKellen

I've had the pleasure of teaching the occasional person-off-the-telly, which was fun. I've little personal experience of acting per se but have given hundreds of presentations, so am no stranger to the challenges of performance.


'I find The Alexander technique very helpful in my work. Things happen without you trying. They get to be light and relaxed. You must get an Alexander teacher to show it to you.'  

John Cleese

'The Technique's many benefits for actors include minimised tension,

centeredness, vocal relaxation, and responsiveness, mind/body

connection and about an inch and a half of additional height.'  

Kevin Kline

                                                                      'Incredibly good posture, with incredible relaxation.'  Hugh Jackman 

Torbay - Alexander Technique for Riders 


Lessons in the Alexander Technique and can be of great benefit to both the horse and the rider. Riders usually relate to lessons very well, as both require a similar understanding of muscular efficiency.

I have a saddle stand for teaching which is very useful, mainly because it doesn't wander about or fidget!

I've enjoyed teaching lots of horse riders over the years and ride a bit myself, at beginner level.

 More information on Riding with the AT can be found in this book.

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alexander technique for horseriders in exeter

Torbay - Alexander Technique for Companies


Companies can lose time and money due to employees

suffering from musculoskeletal conditions - from fatigue

and discomfort to back pain and RSI.

Many world-leading businesses use the

Alexander Technique for their employees.


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AT lessons can improve work-related performance and help reduce absenteeism; talks and workshops can provide opportunities for team-building, health and safety or entertainment. 

I've taught at a number of companies and currently give lessons at Packexe in Exeter.


Torbay - Alexander Technique for Kids


In addition to teaching the music scholars at several independent schools, I used to help kids with their exam nerves, self-esteem, body image, deportment and general well-being. I worked with a variety of medical problems, including scoliosis, slipped disk, sports injuries and dyspraxia.


I'm DBS checked, and parents/guardians are welcome to accompany their children to their lessons - we've comfortable chairs, wifi, refreshments, a dog and a cat :)

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I give introductory talks on the Alexander Technique in Torbay and run workshops as well as giving individual lessons. I’ve also put a fair amount of information on my website.

For a complete introductory guide try this book by Carolyn Nicholls, one of my own teachers.


I've a vast amount of experience teaching the Alexander Technique and always find it fascinating. 

Every new pupil is unique - each has the same musculoskeletal system and common pattern of misuse -

but the process is different every time.


Click here for a detailed guide to the Alexander Technique in general.


BA (Hons) 
DBS checked

M: 07866 257033


Fb: Alexander Technique for All

Alexander Technique in Torbay

People from all walks of life can benefit from lessons:

Torbay - Alexander Technique for Students

Torbay - Alexander Technique for Parents

Torbay - Alexander Technique for Musculoskeletal issues

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