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Warwick - Torquay


Debbie - Exeter


David - Newton Abbot


Dave Stanley - Exeter

I must say thank you for everything that you did. It seems that the subconscious works on stuff, as I now find breath whilst swimming easier. Tension in the muscles is so much better for getting out of a bad place relationship wise! The benefits seem to come to fruition when you let nature work on it, like gardening! 


Keep well, and may your work and blessings to people increase! Xx

Paul Smith - Bristol


V. Robinson - Exeter 

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I saw Jenny for 8 lessons. I felt the benefits of the lessons right from the start. I have become aware of and have been able to release tension in the body. I am more aware of problems in my posture that have created tension in the body.


Jenny’s clear instructions and hands on work have helped me to make the adjustments I need to make by myself.  I am less prone now to aching upper back and shoulders at the end of a day in the office. Jenny's hands on work is fantastic and deeply relaxing.

Laila - Exeter - Lawyer

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Charlie Berry - Exeter

Thank you so much Jenny for the introduction to Alexander Technique! I have really enjoyed meeting you and learning some important and really helpful things.


I know that both the pony and myself have benefited greatly already and will continue to do so. It would be lovely if another opportunity arose to come to more sessions in the future, but you have given me a very good starting point.

Diana - Horse Rider - Exeter

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Paul - Exeter

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