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End gaining

In his book, 'The Use of the Self', FM Alexander wrote, 'End gaining is a universal habit'. What he was referring to is the tendency we all have to focus on an end result whilst losing sight of, and often at the expense of, the means-whereby that result is achieved.

He viewed end gaining as a deadly sin but it's very difficult to avoid. As humans we have innate curiosity and drive; we have deadlines, responsibilities and important priorities. We get a lot done and many would say we are successful as a species. But at what cost? I see people who are considered normal even though they

have completely deformed themselves.

With Alexander training it is possible to achieve a sort of 'mindfulness in movement'. A state where you can attend to an efficient use of your muscles while being busy. It somehow goes against nature, and is probably impossible to do all of the time but it is definitely worth aiming for:)

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