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Joining the dots

Thirty-three years ago I went for my first Alexander Technique lesson with Tessa Goldhawk in Penzance. My mother found an advert in the paper and suggested I try it. Little did she know...

All I can remember is that I had crippling foot pain. The lesson made me feel generally better; I enjoyed it and wanted to do more but the experience was very vague. I definitely couldn't have explained the process to anybody. I'm not even sure my foot pain went away.

A couple of years later my mother wondered if I wasn't just a little bit addicted to going for lessons. I remember being so keen by then, I was recommending it to everyone who would listen. I wanted to do teacher training asap. Well, that didn't happen for ten years, and looking back, I'm glad I was slightly older, though, even then, I was still the youngest on the course!

Last week I had a lesson with John Nicholls, the man who trained me, who I haven't seen for 17 years. He transformed by back beyond all recognition, again - everything felt wonderful and made perfect sense.

Finding the technique, training to teach it when I did and where I did are some of the best decisions of my life. I must have had thousands of lessons by now. Hundreds of 'eureka moments' when I've figured out something big. Finding freedom, comfort, lightness. Being more and more myself and occupying the space I am designed to fit.

For me, Alexander lessons are an endless process of self-discovery - joining the dots.

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