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People often ask me about sleep problems and unfortunately there's not a lot I can say to help, as you can't really use the Alexander Technique while you're asleep. The technique is about conscious control - something that can only be achieved when you are awake!

Lessons can help you feel better in general, which can then impact on the quality of your sleep. People do tell me that their sleep has improved as a result of lessons but it's not something I can promise, or prove.

Sleeping on your front is probably bad for you, as it twists your back up and creates a lot of pressure. Experts across the board seem to agree on this.

Good sleep requires physical and mental comfort. There's lots of good advice to be found online about ways to induce this, but as with everything, it's always sensible to check and double check before you spend your time or money.

All too often people show me strange, expensive pillows that they have been persuaded to buy; or they tell me that sleeping on a hard mattress is good for you. I think you need to make your own mind up about what is comfortable for you.

Personally, I like a sprung mattress with a layer of latex on top to cushion my bones. As I'm about to go camping...well, the subject of 'sleep' is on my mind...

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