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Acting, adapting...

Has it ever occurred to you how adaptable top actors need to be? Physically and emotionally; different venues, different menus; different co-workers, different costumes - and that's even before they turn themselves into another person for our entertainment.

It's a kinda magic!

Being adaptable in this way requires an enormous amount of self-knowledge and that's where the Alexander Technique comes in. Learning to be consciously aware of your balance and movement on a minute level increases your ability to adapt - that's why so many actors value their lessons.

Fixed ideas and fixed postures are sooo limiting - an actor wants to be FREE.

Cats are pretty adaptable and I've seen them squeeeeze themselves into the most unlikely places, probably just because they can, like the one in this picture. Who knows whether it feels like having a sleep, or it's hiding, or planning an attack... chances are it's actually being a violin :)


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