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SEMI-FLEXED A position of mechanical advantage...Did you realise that the way you use your legs in

A position of mechanical advantage...

Did you realise that the way you use your legs in most kinds of sport is mechanically advantageous?

I bet you've never really thought about it but the fact is, whether you're skiing, horse-racing, playing tennis, golf or rugby, you will stick your bum out and bend your knees.

And you do this automatically, without embarrassment because IT WORKS.

But what about the whole rest of the time? Even if you're a professional athlete, there's a lot of normal life going on, full of little and big chores, and how do you use your legs for all of that?

I bet you brace your ankles, lock your knees back and your hips forwards. Then if you need to bend I expect you keep those legs tense and bend from the waist, right?

Picture yourself vacuuming, or washing dishes, lifting bails or anything really...

Babies don't abuse themselves like this, nor, I believe, do people in places where they do all their work on the floor. Their backs are straight, their joints are supple and their muscles are strong.

Try semi-flexed in everyday activities. It might help if you play music, or 'channel' tai chi to trick yourself into feeling sporty so you don't feel awkward about sticking that bum out!!!

And if you want to really learn to do it well, come and see me. The comfort, lightness and strength available to you is vast and you might avoid a load of trouble in later years :)


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