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Swimming with the Alexander technique is a wonderful thing!

I'm thinking of font crawl in particular, as it lends itself so well to keeping the neck free, head forwards and away, and back lengthening and widening.

When you let the water support your body, and let your head rest forwards, it's so clear - a lovely opportunity to direct, inhibit, breathe rhythmically as you glide along.

It takes practice of course - proper swimming lessons at some point will mean you have the strength, stamina and technique - then applying the Alexander principals help it all come together.

I swapped lessons with a swimming instructor for over a year, and I loved the way I was able to glide through the water like a fish, with minimal splash and no struggle. I'm not trying to be competitive, or become a champion or anything, but occasionally I have had that amazing experience of seeming to be above the water that swimmers talk about - and that's truly amazing!

If you can get past the inconvenience, the goggle marks, the chlorine etc it's well worth it :)


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