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My teacher John once asked Walter Carrington (the man who took over the training of Alexander Technique teachers at Holland Park, when FM Alexander died in 1955) if it was the technique that made him so happy. Walter, a most contented, benign old fellow from my own memory of him, paused to reflect. Then he replied, with his characteristic chuckle, 'Well I can't think what else it would be!'

I do feel that the Alexander Technique has helped me profoundly throughout my own life. For 40 years it has been my 'way of being' - I apply it to everything, all of the time. I use it to lighten up if I feel down, emotionally or physically. It definitely enhances my wellbeing and I can't imagine what life would have been like without it.

However, I've had a relatively hard life, and cannot claim that the technique has been the only helpful thing - even though it's probably the best. Fresh air, nature, family and friends, useful employment, fitness, love, peace - all these other important things play their part, as they would for anybody.

In addition to the Alexander Technique I do use other things. For pain and injury I like physical techniques such as stretching, massage, chiropractic and osteopathy. For mind-sorting I like my friend's techniques that she has cleverly honed for over 40 years. Her work does for the mind what the Alexander technique does for the body - not counselling, something better.

I think a person would have to be extremely fortunate for the Alexander Technique to be enough to tick all their boxes, as it were. It is incredible though - transformative, uplifting, life-enhancing - well worth investing in for wellbeing on all levels :)


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