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Dowager's Hump Cure

Dowager's hump or hyperkyphosis is an excessive curvature of the spine. Usually, this occurs in the thoracic or chest curve of the spinal column. Often it is also simply called kyphosis, which is a forward curvature of the spine.

There are various devices on the market which claim to eliminate this problem. You lie down, resting your head and neck on the device and it provides a bit of a stretch to your spine.

It may well feel comfortable and nice - but you could achieve this by using something you already have in your home, like a firm cushion!

In my opinion it WILL NOT cure the curvature, and this is why:

When we continually stoop forwards from the shoulders, inclining the head for working at a desk, using a mobile phone or as part of our work, we aggravate the soft tissue around the 7th cervical vertebrae. This region becomes inflamed. When we repeat this for MANY YEARS our body ends up GROWING differently.

We deform ourselves over a lifetime and as far as I know NOTHING will make that hump go away, sorry!


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