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Tips for Hips

If you are in the habit of standing with one hip higher than the other, when there’s no medical reason for doing so, you should definitely aim to just stop!

When you stand in this crooked way, your weight, instead of being transferred efficiently through your bones, ends up hanging from your tendons.

This won’t be very good for your hips in the long run. Also, the compensatory twists you create in your upper body, cause massive disruption to your ‘use’ and will inevitably lead to other problems.

In these images, we see women holding infants on their hips. The woman on the left is absorbing the extra weight with minimal disruption to her own posture. The woman on the right is not.

Carrying anything like this is not ideal but it is quick and convenient. If you are carrying something regularly, or for any length of time, it is far better to find a solution which distributes the weight evenly, rather than always on the same side. Ideally, you would carry the weight on your back or shoulders.

I’m thinking of handbags, satchels and briefcases, as well as children. Those things might not be as heavy but if you’re not careful, the way you carry them could create harmful muscular habits.

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