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Sit Up Straight

At least while you're working, as opposed to relaxing...

Personally, when I'm relaxing, as in socialising, or watching TV, I don't want to be sitting up straight. My body is perhaps tired but my mind wants to stay up while, so I treat it as though I'm in bed already. I use cushions for total support, changing position every now and then.

But sitting to work, as in eating or desk work, is different because you're using your body. In this case sitting upright, or as close to upright as possible, is best.

If you can't sit up straight, which is most likely the case, then sit fully supported in a deep beanbag or a recliner. Even sticking a cushion in the small of your back and reclining a tiny bit is better than the inevitable collapse/ slouch forward.

I find that even with the most expensive office equipment, people will still use themselves in their habitual way - they can't help it - and that means bad posture and all the attendant aches and pains.

It's far less expensive to invest in some Alexander technique lessons.

Learn more about posture and sitting with Alexander Technique lessons - it's a game changer.


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